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"Kookie, lemme ask you this" (30 min)

A specific 3 questions or less...

  • 30 minutes
  • 80 US dollars
  • Kookie's Dance Den / The Kookie Kollection

Service Description

This call type is for 3 or less, VERY specific questions, with questions that can be answered quickly. It's created for 10 minutes per answer, or 1 question that may take me 30 minutes to explain.. You may just want to know how I did or executed something very specific. This kall is perfect if your not looking for a full consult, but you have a couple of questions. I would NOT ADVISE to choose this kall with a question like "How do I do marketing?" because that one question would take me 1 hour or more and cannot be answered in 10 - 30 minutes. I offer a "Market Me Please kall"JUST FOR THAT, but do not book that kall, if you have never booked a "Start My Business kall" I have to make sure you're structured , organized and prepared to even THINK about executing marketing. Here are some examples for this type of kall: Who is your architect? How do I get my ____ to _____,? Where do you hire someone for ______? What service do you use for _______? What location did you use for ________________? What system do I use for ____________________? Where do you order __________ from? You can ask 3 questions or less and I will answer them directly. Please have at least 6 questions ready in case, I am unable to assist you with one, I'm knowledgeable, but I don't know EVERYTHING. Note to you: No question is a dumb question and I want you to be yourself during the kall, no need to be uptight or to try and impersonate anyone overly prestigious lol. Let's make business comfortable and relatable. Please be & remain in a quiet, intimate space for the duration of the call* Questions? Email: Book now!

Cancelation Policy

All calls rescheduled will be subject to a fee of $10.00. If you cancel and do not reschedule within 24 hours, you lose your entire booking credit and have to rebook from scratch. All bookings are final. No refunds!

Contact Details

  • 4708 West 103rd Street, Oak Lawn, IL, USA

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